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After your wedding day

Well, the much anticipated day has now passed. What next? Here are a few things you may like to follow up on after you return from your honeymoon.

♥ Certificates of Marriage

When your marriage takes place in NSW, I will discuss with you whether you would like me to order on your behalf, through Births Deaths & Marriages, a standard or standard plus commemorative Certificate of Marriage. I will keep you informed as to when the order has been placed and follow up with BDM in the unlikely event there are any delays in sending your certificate/s to you via registered mail.

When your marriage takes place in another state of Australia or overseas and you would like to purchase an official Certificate of Marriage, you should contact the relevant registering authority for your marriage. I will discuss this with you when we meet.


♥ Couple’s Certificate of Marriage

After your big day, you will need to make arrangements to collect your couple’s Certificate of Marriage (the decorative one) from the person you nominated I hand it to for safe-keeping.

♥ Changing Your Name

If you choose to change your name after your marriage, once you receive your standard Certificate of Marriage from Births Deaths & Marriages, you will be able to do so in relation to all your official documents and the businesses you deal with. I’ll supply you with a list of those you would commonly need to notify about a change of name. The items you may choose to change your name on first include your driver’s licence, passport and accounts with your financial institution.

♥ Thank You Notes

We all love to hear back from someone when we’ve wished them well for their marriage and/or sent them a gift. Ideally, a hand-written thank you note should be sent within three months of your wedding to all those who attended letting them know that you appreciated they were able to share in your big day and, if applicable, thanking them for their gift. One way to plan for this is by asking your photographer to take a shot of you both on your wedding day holding a wooden laser-cut “Thank You” sign or a frame with the words “Thank You” printed inside. You could then arrange to print the required number of these images on a card the size of a postcard and write a short note on the reverse.

♥ Wedding Photos/Video

Unless sent to you directly, you will also need to make arrangements to meet with your photographer/videographer to view your wedding photos/video. If you’re receiving your photos on a USB or CD, you may also be able to order quality prints through your photographer or they may be able to arrange for your favourites to be made into a keepsake album for you. The timing and nature of your arrangements will depend on the individual contract you signed.

♥ Feedback

If you’re active on social media, you may also like to leave some feedback on Trip Advisor regarding your experiences with the accommodation etc. that you booked while on your honeymoon.

♥ Settle Into Married Life

Of course, after your wedding day, you can settle into married life, knowing that your best friend is your partner and that you have an exciting future to look forward to sharing together.

♥ Star Rating/Review

Lastly, feedback is so important to any business so, if you choose me as your celebrant, it would be lovely if you would leave a star rating and a Review on my business Facebook page and email me some of your favourite photos from your special day. This not only provides me with beautiful memories but allows me to know that you were happy with my role in the lead up to your wedding and with the ceremony itself.


021 – 30/09/2015

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