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Unlimited Contact

I offer unlimited contact either in person or via phone, email, Facebook and video chat such as Messenger or WhatsApp. I am committed to ensuring you’re happy with your planned ceremony so that it is one that you, your family and friends will be able to celebrate both on the day and in the years ahead.

Wedding Information Pack

As part of my resources, I am able to offer you information such as a wedding checklist, sample vows, list of potential places to contact for your change of name notifications, readings and suggestions for songs (processional, signing and recessional.)

I also prepare and lodge all legal documents on your behalf with the Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages in the State or Territory in which you are married. For marriages occurring in NSW or Queensland, I lodge all the required documents online which speeds up the registration process for you. In NSW, I am able to order on your behalf a standard or standard + commemorative Certificate of Marriage when I register your marriage. In Qld, I am able to indicate that you would like to purchase a standard or standard  commemorative Certificate of Marriage when I lodge your paperwork and Qld BDM will then contact you after your marriage has been registered so you can arrange this with them.

Wedding Rehearsal

I recommend having a rehearsal for my “Love Is In the Air” wedding” package to familiarise you with the ceremony positions, practise the processional with accompanying music and guide you through any other chosen complementary ceremonies. If you’re having a wedding party, it’s a great opportunity to bring them along too as well as the person responsible for playing your ceremony music through my PA.

For those choosing my “Elopement” or “Short & Sweet” wedding packages, I will step you through everything you need to know prior to your wedding day so that you are familiar with how everything will unfold. If you wish to have a rehearsal for either of these options, this can definitely be arranged. If you choose to have this at your venue or elsewhere, a $50 fee will apply (plus travel costs if applicable.) Alternatively, you are welcome to come to my home for a rehearsal at no extra charge.

Complementary Ceremonies

I provide the option of around 30 complementary ceremonies such as a ~ Handfasting Ceremony ~ Tree Planting Ceremony ~ Sand Ceremony ~ Wine Ceremony ~ Rose Ceremony or Love Lock Ceremony. The ideas are limitless and I’m happy to help you celebrate your day in an individual way which reflects your wishes and symbolises something that is important to you.

Every Ceremony Is Unique

Each of my ceremonies is individually written to reflect each client. I do not just change the names! I can supply a Personalised Ceremony Introduction and Vows (where applicable) capturing your love story, your milestones and your dreams for the future. In addition, a Comprehensive Selection of Readings and Song Choices is available for you to use if you wish. I will also send you a Draft Copy of Your Ceremony for review to ensure you’re perfectly happy with everything in it.

Portable Wireless PA System

My Roland PA system is high quality with a great sound. It has iPod/iPad/mobile phone connectivity and is provided for both my “Love Is In the Air” and “Elopement” wedding packages. (If you choose my “Short & Sweet” package and invite over 10 guests to your ceremony, an additional $50 fee is payable.) This ensures everyone is able to participate fully in the occasion and your chosen music can be heard. I can also provide a second microphone if you are having a reading.

Early Arrival to Your Venue

I will arrive around 30-45 minutes prior to your ceremony in order to set up my PA and marriage documents, check that everything we have arranged is in place, confirm final details with the participants and liaise with other suppliers such as your photographer, venue co-ordinator etc.

Certificates of Marriage

I will supply the three Certificates of Marriage that I am legally required to provide on your wedding day (one of these is your couple’s certificate which I will leave with you on the day.)

If I marry you in NSW, I can also order online on your behalf one or both certificates available for purchase from NSW Births Deaths & Marriages. One is your official certificate which proves your marriage has been registered (this is the one you’ll need if one or both of you decide to change your name after marriage) and the other is your choice of a commemorative (decorative) certificate. Further information on this topic can be found on this blog post.

If I marry you in Queensland and you would like to order an official certificate and/or a commemorative certificate of marriage, I can indicate this when I submit your paperwork online after your marriage. Qld Births Deaths & Marriages will then contact you to arrange payment for this after your marriage has been registered.

If I marry you in another state of Australia and you would like to purchase an official certificate of marriage, you can obtain this through the relevant registering authority for your marriage. I will discuss this with you when we meet.

Cecilia & Ethan Holding Hands

Credit: Dean Turner Photo

Credit: Dean Turner Photo

Weddings   •   Naming Days   •   Renewal of Vows   •   Commitment Ceremonies

Funerals   •   Scattering of the Ashes   •   Life Celebrations


Weddings   •   Naming Days   •   Renewal of Vows   •   Commitment Ceremonies   •   Funerals   •   Scattering of the Ashes   •   Life Celebrations