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Choosing your celebrant

Changing your name after marriage

Your identity Your identity is the essence of who you are and sets you apart from every other person. Just like having a unique fingerprint, your identity encompasses individual things like your personality and, most importantly, your name. Although there is no legal requirement to do so, changing your name after marriage is something that most brides (and some grooms) decide to do. For couples who already have children, it’s an ideal way for them all to share the one surname. Traditionally, brides would take their husband’s surname but, these days, this option is not restricted to brides. A...

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Social distancing at weddings during COVID-19

In recent months, COVID-19 has become the major topic of conversation amongst people around the world. This has resulted in unprecedented measures being taken by governments, businesses and individuals in an effort to minimise the potential effects of the virus. As a sole trader, I am very much aware of my responsibilities with regard to social distancing, particularly at weddings and other gatherings during COVID-19. In order to be proactive, I have completed a COVID-19 Safety Plan and my business is now registered with  NSW Health as being COVID safe. The following are just some of the...

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Ideas for presenting your wedding rings

Presenting your wedding rings When you think about it, every detail associated with the day you marry your best friend requires careful thought. Here are some ideas for when you are presenting your rings on your wedding day.   ♥ Traditionally, the Best Man carries the rings and the celebrant asks him to step forward when it’s time to present them. Alternatively, have you thought about: ♥ Not exchanging rings but, rather, having them tattooed on your ring fingers beforehand? If you like this idea, I can write something special about this in your ceremony so that the significance of...

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Making a relationship check up a priority

What exactly is a relationship check up? I consider a relationship check up is best described as something which is done to support your relationship and keep the lines of communication open. If you think of it in terms of looking after and caring for something of value, it makes perfect sense to dedicate time to it as well. After all, we don’t think twice about having an annual medical, doing a defrag on our computer, asking a mechanic to give our car or van the once-over before we go on a trip. So, why not look on preserving, improving and nourishing our relationships in a similar...

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Weddings with “out of the ordinary” inclusions

The sky’s the limit when it comes to weddings with “out of the ordinary” inclusions. Here are just a few of the wonderful ideas that some of my couples have used which you may like to consider for your special day:   Fly in One of the most spectacular arrivals to one of my weddings was that of Casey. She had been whisked into the air and dropped off, atop a hill, on her parents’ dairy farm at Cedar Point. Such an amazing sight! (Photo credit: Anna Barber Photographics)   Owl ring bearer When you both work in an animal park and one of you takes part in their daily bird shows,...

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How to include children in your wedding day

One of the questions I’m often asked by couples is “what options are there for including children in your wedding day?” Of course, your wedding day should centre around your love and commitment. When children play an important role in your life, though, many couples wish to involve them as part of their big day.   Your children in your wedding What you choose to do will depend, in part, on the age of your children. If you have a baby, you may like to walk down the aisle holding them in your arms. Then, either you or your partner could hold them during the ceremony (except for the...

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