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Shortening of time to marry

The shortest time I have been approached by a couple requesting a “shortening of time” to marry was 1 day! The application was successful as the prescribed authority deemed the reason for the shortening of time fell into one of the following categories. If you feel that your circumstances also meet one of the following categories, please feel free to contact me for further information regarding my availability on your chosen date.   Five Reasons There are only five reasons a prescribed authority may allow a couple to marry in Australia when a Notice of Intended Marriage...

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What documents will we need to get married?

In order for a marriage to be legal in Australia, your celebrant is required to sight certain documents before your marriage can take place. There are several key pieces of information that must be provided which are (i) the date and place of birth of both parties and (ii) proof of identity of both parties. The documents which are commonly produced by both parties to meet these requirements are an original birth certificate or an original birth extract and a driver’s licence or a passport. There may be other circumstances which require additional documentation to be produced and examples of...

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Planning a long distance wedding

The legislation in Australia applies equally to marriages involving persons who are not Australian citizens as it does to marriages involving one or two Australians. As an authorised marriage celebrant, I usually meet with couples three times before their wedding – at an initial meeting, then at a follow up meeting, then at the rehearsal; however, there is absolutely no reason why a rapport cannot be developed with a couple planning to marry with everything organised long distance.   Foreign Nationals Marrying in Australia It is recommended that foreign nationals check with...

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Registering your marriage

What is the process? Since 1 July 2014, a new system called LifeLink, introduced by the Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages in NSW, allows celebrants the option of lodging online the official paperwork for each marriage they have conducted in NSW so they can be officially registered. As per the Marriage Act 1961, this must occur within two weeks of the marriage. The paperwork includes a scanned copy of the Notice of Intended Marriage, the Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage and the official Certificate of Marriage after the marriage has occurred plus any other necessary documents...

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How do I find the right celebrant for me?

Here’s some food for thought when considering this question …  ♥ Qualifications ~ Has my celebrant successfully completed Certificate IV in Celebrancy? Would you ask someone whose formal qualifications weren’t up-to-date to do an important job for you? I am committed to being a celebrant so, for me, achieving this qualification was absolutely essential. While all registered marriage celebrants are authorised to marry couples, many do not have this qualification. Since 2013, the Registrar of Marriage Celebrants no longer accepts applications unless this training has been successfully...

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