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Choosing your wedding support group

♥ The lead up to your wedding day

This is likely to be full of lots of research, decision-making and meetings with various suppliers and that’s in addition to what’s required of you in your job, within your family and circle of friends and in your day-to-day life!

A key component of this is your wedding support group. You may choose, for instance, for this to be a friend whose opinion you trust, a family member or one or more members of your bridal party.

While everyone is likely to have an opinion, what you need is someone to bounce ideas off, one who will give you honest feedback and support. What you don’t need is someone who will confuse the issue, put obstacles in your way and make what should be a happy time for you more stressful or, even worse, all about them.

It’s wise to think carefully about those you choose to have part of this special time in your life as they won’t just be the ones standing next to you on your big day or organising your hens’ or bucks’ night. You’ll want someone you feel close to who can come with you, for instance, when you’re dress shopping, listen to you if things get overwhelming, laugh with you, dry your tears and generally be there for you. If they live far away, they can still play an important role by offering a listening ear and being happy to just chat about options with you.

♥  The role of your support person

While this role is important for the groom, it is perhaps moreso for the bride as she usually takes on the task of overseeing all the little details that go into the ceremony and reception. The groom, on the other hand, usually takes on the task of arranging the honeymoon and may also take care of  the cars you arrive in, your music etc. so he tends to have less decision-making to handle.

Whether you call your support group your Bridal Brigade, Friends of Honour, Pillars of Strength, Partners in Crime or Wedding Squad, their help (if you choose them correctly) will be invaluable and help make your big day go more smoothly.

♥  Choosing your support group

One of the fun parts about choosing your support group is to ask them, in a special way, if they would like to take on this role. You could:

~  present them with a bottle of wine with a special hand-printed label; or

~  a bridesmaids’ survival kit containing goodies like a packet of Lifesavers, perhaps the DVD “Bridesmaids”, some tissues, safety pins, lip balm etc. with a label on the box saying “It Wouldn’t Be a Party Without You. Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”; or

~  you could arrive with a box containing a giant balloon with a ribbon and card attached asking them to help you tie the knot; or

~  you could even take them out for coffee and arrange for the barista to write “I Can’t Say ‘I Do’ Without You” on their coffee cup.

Whatever you decide, the main thing is to enjoy the special time you have together and the lifelong memories you’ll be making.

♥  Your celebrant

Lastly, don’t forget that your celebrant is one of the key suppliers you will get to know in a unique way in the lead up to your special day. I always take the time to really listen to each couple, provide lots of resources if they need them and generally support them as we plan their ceremony together. So, for instance, if you need inspiration for your vows, suggestions for songs or readings, or information on the legal elements required when you marry, I’m happy to pass on my knowledge and experience so that your ceremony runs smoothly on your big day. It is my pleasure to connect you with other wedding suppliers, if you need them, who also provide a reliable and professional service. When you love what you do, I consider supporting each couple is a very special privilege.

020 – 31/08/2015

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