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Gifting weddings to the terminally ill

My Wedding Wish is a national not-for-profit charity gifting weddings to the terminally ill.

It all started with a phone call to Dr Lynette Maguire, a marriage celebrant, back in 2007. She literally dropped everything to arrange a “shortening of time” and subsequent bedside wedding for a couple, knowing that the groom was terminally ill and his dying wish was to marry his fiancee. Lynette went on to contact some amazing people from her network and, as well as donating her own services as authorised celebrant, they generously supplied flowers and photography for the couple involved.

My Wedding Wish grew from being a local cause to a national charity in 2016. In 2017 it was rolled out across Australia and I jumped on board as a member straight away. The tag line for my celebrancy business is Ceremonies that speak from the heart so, for me, My Wedding Wish is a perfect fit.

Every element in creating a wedding is important but I believe it starts with your celebrant. After all, they are the person who will guide you, suggest options and ensure that everything is legal. This, in itself, can provide a great comfort to those involved as it allows them a sense of peace knowing their loved one is connected to them not only in their heart but in the eyes of the law.

Lynette (and I) believe “everyone deserves a beautiful wedding and helping make this dream come true during such a tragic and frightening time in the lives of our couples is an honour.”

Sometimes it might be difficult for someone who is ill or emotionally unable to apply to My Wedding Wish but any family member, friend or medical person can do so on their behalf. These weddings can be bedside or more lavish. My Wedding Wish listens to what the marrying couple want. Some couples can plan their wedding and they have lots of time, and some weddings are pulled together in 24 hours.

To become a Wish recipient:

  • one or both parties must be diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than five year’s life expectancy;
  • proof of the medical diagnosis must be supplied;
  • the wedding must be between Monday to Thursday (unless otherwise determined by Head Office);
  • no guarantee of what will be donated is given as this will depend on the offers from available suppliers.

Please note that as My Wedding Wish grows, it remains true to their mission of gifting weddings to the terminally ill. For this reason, it does not gift weddings due to chronic illness, financial hardship or job loss. Receipt of all applications is acknowledged by email and, if successful, the My Wedding Wish team of suppliers are called upon to check their availability and specific offers.

If you have any questions or would like to show your support so My Wedding Wish can continue touching the lives of many more terminally ill patients and their families, you can go to: and donate there.

The following video was filmed by It tells, in 2-1/2 minutes, how My Wedding Wish began and how it has grown from there. Please feel free to share this with friends and family. By doing so, you will help to spread the love:

There are now plans for My Wedding Wish to reach New Zealand by 2020 and, from there, to go on to Europe. If you’re interested in becoming a Wish supplier in Australia and would like to know more about how you can play a special role in gifting weddings to the terminally ill, please contact My Wedding Wish via the above link or email

There are also a number of Facebook groups where suppliers to My Wedding Wish can connect.  If you’re interested in joining the group I’m a member of, here’s the link to take you there:


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