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Making memories with wedding keepsakes

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Special treasures

I encourage couples to think about all the aspects of their ceremony and wedding day beforehand and to gather any special things together so that they can become treasured wedding keepsakes.

If, for example, you are marrying or having photos taken on the beach after your wedding, you may like to visit with your partner a day or so beforehand to collect a few shells, some sand or a small piece of driftwood from the exact area where you’ll be. These can be displayed in your home, perhaps on a side table or in a shadow box.


Your ceremony

I always design each ceremony with each individual couple or family in mind. The words I write are very much from the heart. So, the final result is that you’ll have a ceremony you will always remember and you’ll have all your other treasures to look at and enjoy as often as you like. This can be done at any time, but particularly when you’re reminiscing with family and friends, on your anniversary or, as often happens, when telling the story of your wedding day to your children.


Symbolic rituals

If you choose to include a symbolic ritual in your ceremony, you may have something like your handfasting ribbons, handwritten wishes from family and friends or dried rose petals to keep forever. I have over 20 different symbolic rituals to choose from and am always happy to add more if you have an idea of your own. Many of these include a special memento for you to keep. If this sounds like something you’re interested in doing, just let me know and we can discuss options.



If you’re not preserving your flowers, you may like to keep the ribbon from your bouquet as well as any little charms or photos of loved ones which were hanging from it. An alternative would be to ask your florist to supply you with an extra length of ribbon so you can keep it with your other treasures.


A celebratory drink

Your choice of wine at your reception will give you a further opportunity to save memories. Just keep at least one empty (!) bottle of each variety and save the labels as well as one of your champagne corks from your big day.


Printed material

Of course, retaining a sample invitation, save-the-date, thank you card etc. is another way to be reminded about all those special things you designed for your wedding day.



If you’re planning a honeymoon, don’t forget to hold onto your boarding passes and perhaps a business card or something else supplied by your hotel too as a special reminder of your time away.


The important thing is knowing that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event so, with a little prior planning, you can capture all the unique ingredients from your own special day and re-live the memories forever!


036 – 02/01/2017

© Lindy Cooke Celebrant

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