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Music to my ears

Music connects people

From the moment the first note is played, music will capture the attention of those nearby. Your choices before, during and after your ceremony set the tone for your event so careful thought is required.

There are various options which you can consider:


♥  Using my PA

When choosing me as your celebrant, I offer you the option of playing a selection of songs through my PA before, during and straight after your ceremony. This allows you to have beautiful music for your ceremony at no extra charge. I suggest it’s best to group your song choices into a play list and appoint someone to look after playing them at the appropriate time. If you don’t already own the music, you can purchase songs inexpensively through iTunes.

I would recommend choosing one song for the processional (although some brides choose two if they have a large bridal party, in which case they arrive to the second song). I’d also recommend one song for the signing table and, say, three for straight after the ceremony while friends and family are coming forward to offer their congratulations. If you’re not sure which songs to choose, I’m happy to provide you with my sample song lists. They include a wide range of current and traditional songs, with or without vocals, in differing genres.

As long as you use a device which has a hole for an ear-piece such as a mobile phone, iPod or iPad, you’re welcome to connect to my PA using the auxiliary cord I’ll provide. In this way, everyone can hear the music clearly. The only things to remember, when using a mobile phone, are that you remove your password (if one is set) and turn it to aeroplane mode so you don’t receive any notifications during the ceremony! Note:  if your mobile phone does not come with a hole for an ear-piece, check the box it came in to see if you were supplied with a short cord which can plug into your phone with one end and into my auxiliary cord with the other.

It’s also a great idea if the person you appoint to look after your music is able to attend your wedding rehearsal. In this way, we can check the volume is at the correct level on both the PA and your device. This will vary depending on whether you’ll be indoors, outdoors, near the ocean, in a gale force wind etc. Your bridal party can practise walking in to the first song and take up their positions before the music is faded out and the ceremony begins.


♥  A solo artist

(or duo or group) can provide beautiful mood music before your ceremony begins as well as while the bridal party is walking down the aisle, at the signing table, and straight afterwards. Playing and/or singing a few sets as your guests are served drinks and canapes is a lovely idea too. The violin, cello, keyboard, guitar, flute or harp are just some of the instruments that lend themselves to being played at special occasions.

If you like this idea, here are just a sample of local (Northern Rivers) artists you may like to research:

Gaby Bogart –

Ineka Hanepen –

Luke Vassella –

Nathan (Conspiracy of One) –


♥  A DJ

can fulfil all your music requirements, before, during and after your ceremony. They will be able to provide you with their song lists as well. Not only can they be set up to provide background music before and during the ceremony, but they can also be there for your arrival at the reception, on the dance floor, bouquet and garter toss, cutting the cake etc. Here are just a couple of links to two very popular local DJs:

Allen Scott –

Debbie Stark –


♥  A band

Or a band may be more your style. If you don’t have a favourite, check out your local gig guide or ask amongst your friends and, before you decide to book, try to see them in action on a Friday or Saturday night. The venue you choose may also be able to give you some options which have worked well at previous events too. Here are just a couple of links to two popular local bands:

Outside the SQuare –

Jabiru –


♥  Spoilt for choice

If you’d like to explore a range of quality performers, another option is to book your live music through local entertainment company “Upon a Moment”. They service Byron Bay and along the coast of Northern NSW. Perhaps you’re looking for an acoustic act, a jazz band, a funk act to get people dancing or a string quartet. Whatever you decide, the entertainment can be tailored to your wedding or special occasion. Here’s the link to their website:


♥  An iPod

Depending on what style/size of wedding you’re planning, appointing someone to play all your favourite songs through an iPod may be all you need for a more intimate affair and will be a very cost-effective option.


♥  Other ways to express music

Singing Prayer BowlIncorporating a Singing/Prayer Bowl Ceremony is a beautiful way to bring a unique sound to your ceremony. This is actually what inspired me to become a Celebrant. It can, for instance, be used at the very beginning of a wedding to gain everyone’s attention and herald the arrival of the bride, or it can be used during a funeral ceremony as part of a period of quiet reflection. If you’re interested in this option, feel free to ask me for further details.

You can also introduce the concept of music to your ceremony and reception space by choosing to have your bouquets and floral decorations made from sheet music. They look amazing and, of course, won’t wilt or get bruised on the day. You could, perhaps, consider using your ceremony songs as the inspiration.

If you’re including a rose petal shower, for instance, another idea is to offer the petals to your guests in paper cones made from sheet music.


There are so many memories associated with song so your choice of music will play a significant role on your big day. It’s only one part of your arrangements but it is a significant one as it very much speaks to the heart  and reflects you, your partner and the style of wedding you’re planning.


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