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Payment plan when booking me as your celebrant

After becoming engaged, one of the first items on a couple’s list of things to do is to book their celebrant. This of course is crucial as, without a celebrant, there would be an amazing party but no wedding!

Unless there are exceptional circumstances (such as a morning plus an afternoon or evening wedding), I only accept one booking per day so that I can focus on each couple. This means I’m not rushing to or straight from a venue with my mind on performing two or three ceremonies in quick succession. Arriving in good time before the ceremony so that I can calmly set up, have time to settle any nerves on the part of the groom or other members of the bridal party and confirm arrangements with other suppliers such as the photographer, musician or event planner allow the day to run smoothly and seamlessly.

♥  Non-refundable Booking Fee

My first meeting with each couple is always obligation free. When they choose me as their celebrant, I ask for an upfront $250 non-refundable booking fee which can be paid to me via cash, cheque or direct deposit. For me, the booking fee is a sign of good faith. Each couple has my full attention in designing a beautiful ceremony and providing the very best service in the lead up to and on their wedding day. From the moment a booking is taken, I start collecting details about the style of ceremony the couple would like and take account of all the elements they would like included. This information is sometimes given to me quite quickly but, more often than not, it arrives at various intervals so that the draft ceremony I design evolves over time.

♥  Balance of Fee

Once the booking fee is paid and the date/time is locked into my calendar, the balance of my fee is due by no later than 4 weeks before the wedding. The balance of my fee is locked in, even if my fee happens to increase for new bookings during this time, so you know there aren’t any potential hidden costs. I am happy for the balance to be paid in intervals or in one payment. The choice is left totally up to each couple. A receipt is handed to each couple if they choose to pay in cash or, as each payment is received into my account, a receipt is first emailed and then handed to each couple when I next meet them.

If the time frame is less than 30 days (if a shortening of time has been approved by an authorised authority), payment in full is required once your chosen date has been booked with me.

♥  Statement of Fees

Once a booking is taken, I provide each couple with a Statement of Fees which confirms the arrangements for their wedding including as much information as possible at the time such as their names, the date, time and venue for their wedding as well as my terms and conditions. The bride and/or the groom sign this form, I then sign the form and provide the couple with a copy for their records.

♥  Cancellations and Postponements

My terms and conditions state that if, for any reason, the wedding is cancelled, I will refund any monies paid over and above the original non-refundable $250 booking fee up to 4 weeks before the wedding. Alternatively, subject to my availability, if the wedding is postponed for any reason, I am happy to confirm a new wedding date and carry all monies forward. In these circumstances, a new non-refundable $250 booking fee is required to hold the new date. This payment forms part of any balance owing. If no balance is owing, this payment will be refunded by the celebrant after the ceremony takes place.

♥  Booking In Excess of 18 Months Before Your Marriage

Where I accept a booking from a couple outside the 18 month period that a Notice of Intended Marriage can (legally) be lodged with me, I am happy to lock in their date AND my fee on receipt of a $250 non-refundable booking fee.

~   ~   ~

I find offering couples the option of taking advantage of my payment plan affords them a less stressful lead up to one of the biggest days in their lives.I believe the service I offer provides excellent value for money. My job is my passion so I always do my best to work with couples to ensure that the weeks and months before their wedding day and the ceremony itself are everything they had hoped for.

017 – 21/05/2015

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