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As with most things in life, it’s easy to be distracted by things that are bright and shiny. The question is: do these things have any real substance? Are you comparing apples with apples? ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ Is what you see what you get? ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘“ This is why it’s really important to do your research, ask questions and check online Reviews before making decisions. Someone may be excellent at marketing their business but not be able to deliver as promised. Another may be great at communicating face-to-face but not be open to new ideas. While it’s important to build a rapport with your celebrant, ticking off most if not all of the important boxes is a must.


Do your own research

I suggest one of the first things you should do is to check the online Reviews for any potential suppliers. This will give you an excellent idea as to how other couples felt working with them. Facebook and Google are two of the places where most people will go to leave their feedback. If there are few or no Reviews, or if there’s no real substance to them and they look as though a couple of family members or friends may have left the Reviews, then that should be telling you something.

When you feel someone may be a good fit, phone or send them a message asking for further information. The time they take to respond will be your first indication as to whether they’re really interested in you. If you can, let them know your proposed date, time and venue and a bit about your plans … whether you’re eloping, wanting something fairly simple, or a more lavish affair. One size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to choosing a partner and this is also true when choosing a celebrant.

Listed below are the links to three different places where you can check out my Reviews:





Questions to ask your celebrant

Here are just some of the questions you could ask your celebrant before you book your date with them:

  1. Are you available on our date, at our chosen time, at this venue?
  2. What sort of wedding packages and pricing do you offer? Note: Remember that while all authorised marriage celebrants can marry you, they definitely don’t all offer the same service.
  3. Is your PA included for all ceremonies?
  4. Do you offer several ceremonies to suit different couples? Note: Many celebrants do this and simply change the names (!) While it may cost you considerably less for this kind of ceremony, if you’re looking for something that is personalised, this is definitely a red flag ๐Ÿšฉ
  5. Do you include a rehearsal before each wedding?
  6. Will we receive a draft ceremony to review?
  7. How far are you prepared to travel?
  8. Do you register your marriages online and are you able to order an official marriage certificate on our behalf?
  9. How many weddings have you officiated? Note: Keep in mind, quantity does not always equate with quality but it will give you an idea as to someone’s experience.
  10. Why did you become a celebrant? Sometimes, there’s a great back story which will help you connect in a special way.

If you get a good feeling when a potential celebrant answers these questions, you’re in a great place to chat further about the vision you have for your ceremony. I think you’ll know fairly quickly, when you meet, if you’ll be able to work with someone. You’ll want all the little details to unfold seamlessly on the day so it’s important that your celebrant is part of this discussion.



The important thing in the lead up to your wedding is to keep the lines of communication open. Ask questions and, when your celebrant requests further information from you, don’t forget to reply. I always say the more you feel able to share from the heart, the better able I’ll be to reflect your relationship as a couple. Communication helps to build trust which allows you to be confident on your big day that everything you’ve planned will, in fact, happen. I’m happy for couples to phone, email, text or message me and promise to always get back to you promptly.

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