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Reviews leave a lasting impression

Leaving a lasting impression

When I receive reviews from those I’ve come into contact with as a celebrant, it lets me know I’ve left a lasting impression. It’s actually one of the best compliments you can receive to read that the way you’ve guided someone from their first contact with you right through to the ceremony itself has meant so much to them.


At the time of publishing this Blog, I’ve received 146 ⭐5 STAR⭐ Reviews on my Facebook business page !! as well as many others via email and Google. They give you a clear picture of how couples have appreciated the way I’ve worked with them and, in particular, how I personalised their ceremony to reflect their unique story. I believe that building this trust is so important. When 146+ people have taken the time to write a Review, you know you’ve been doing something right!

Much of the time, new clients mention my Reviews as being a deciding factor when booking me for their special day. When you’re reassured that I will bring professionalism, humour and calm to each ceremony, you know you’ve chosen the right celebrant for you! The key is finding someone who will really listen to you and who has the life experience to meet the needs of each of their couples. Gathering all the back stories, asking the right questions and weaving all the little pieces of information into a love story is a big part of what I do. It kick-starts your celebration with family and friends and leaves you and your guests with lasting memories of your special day.

Here’s a link to take you to the Reviews page on my website. You’ll find just some of the many beautiful comments I’ve received there.


How to leave your feedback

If life has got in the way a bit after your ceremony and you’ve yet to leave a Review, why not consider doing one now? Here are the links to take you to my Facebook and Google pages where you’ll be able to leave your honest feedback. I’d love to hear from you!





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