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Save the Date ~ what does this mean?

What do you think about when you hear the phrase “Save the Date”?  Usually this is known as a notification, sent to friends and family, in order to give them advance notice about an important event, such as a wedding.

There are, however, TWO wedding-related reasons why someone may be asked to Save the Date and both scenarios are explained below:


♥  Timing

There are no rules about when is the best time to send out a Save the Date prior to your marriage but your prime consideration should be your guests and how much notice they may require in order to commit to attending your wedding.

If, for example, you are planning a destination wedding, guests may need to purchase flights and book accommodation well in advance. In this case, prior notice, 12 months or more, is not excessive.

If your wedding is scheduled to take place during peak holiday period, on a long weekend or during the Easter or Christmas break for example, prior notice for those who don’t live locally will ensure as many people as possible will be able to attend and book accommodation nearby.

The traditional six weeks notice for sending out invitations would not be enough in these circumstances so it’s essential that the important details such as the date and, if possible, the time and the venue have been confirmed well in advance.


♥  Your Celebrant

When couples enquire as to my availability on a particular date or dates, as a celebrant, I too will Save the Date for them. All it requires to lock in your date with me is a $200 non-refundable booking fee. I only accept one booking per day so that I can focus 100% on each couple. This is an important first step, therefore, in the planning stage for your wedding. It’s a sign of good faith that your wedding plans are taking shape with a specific date in mind and enables me to start gathering all the little pieces of the puzzle so that I can design a beautiful ceremony for you and your partner.

Legally, celebrants in Australia are able to accept a Notice of Intended Marriage a minimum of one month (unless there are exceptional circumstances and special approval is obtained) and up to 18 months prior to a marriage. I am also happy to accept a booking for a wedding outside the 18 month period on receipt of a $200 non-refundable booking fee. This locks in your date AND my fee, meaning that any potential increases would not be passed on to you.

After that, the balance of my fee can be paid in full or in instalments at any time up to one month before your wedding. This payment plans allow you to make all your other arrangements, knowing you have a firm booking with me for an agreed date.

If there is a change of plan and the wedding will not take place on the original date booked for any reason, funds paid over and above the booking fee are fully refundable up to one month before your wedding. In the case of a change of date, I am more than happy to accommodate this with no further booking fee payable, subject to my availability on your new date.


♥  Summary

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience so, with a little forward planning, it can provide you with many, many happy memories for years to come.

If you’re interested in asking me to Save the Date for your wedding, I’d love to meet to see if I’m the celebrant for you. Our first meeting is always obligation free.

For couples who live interstate or overseas, I always suggest one or two Skype calls as well as regular communication via email. This allows us to meet face-to-face and really connect.

026 – 29/02/2016

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