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What makes the perfect wedding ceremony?

The perfect wedding ceremony. Is there such a thing? I believe, the answer will differ for each couple. It will, in part, involve all the little details in the lead up to the wedding day, the people and things which are important to the couple, the expectations of those involved and how much they may be willing to go with the anything unexpected.

Having been a celebrant for 10+ years, I would say, however, there are four key elements that are common for all:


1. The planning stage

This part takes into account the courtship phase (dating), the engagement period, choosing your wedding suppliers and each individual step leading up to your wedding. Your celebrant is a key part of your wedding day and, if you choose someone with whom you feel a rapport, they will be able to provide valuable support and guidance.


2. Family & friends

Letting those closest to you know that you’re tying the knot may involve a variety of things. These could include sending out Save the Dates, asking some people to be in your “bride tribe” or take on a special role on your wedding day, or being your sounding board so you have a second opinion or a listening ear if it all gets a bit overwhelming.


3. Legal elements

Something which many couples don’t know is that there are at least 10 elements which MUST be included for each and every wedding in Australia to be considered legal (more on this in another blog.) It is your celebrant’s responsibility to ensure each one is ticked off prior to, on and after your wedding day. It is your responsibility to provide the necessary paperwork to ensure that it has been sighted by your celebrant prior to your wedding ceremony commencing. You can read more on this here.


4. Love & happily ever after

Although everyone’s motivation differs, the aim of most people who choose to marry is to share a unique love story with their partner and any children they may have, to grow closer as the years go by, and to live a happy family life. It’s fair to say that change is the only thing that’s constant so it’s important that we communicate, grow, share and love hard in order for our relationships to succeed.



Obviously, there will be other unique elements which may be important to you but, as long as you both work at combining fun, hard work, kindness and support, you’ll be on the right path for a successful marriage.


107 – 30/12/2023 – ©Lindy Cooke Celebrant

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