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Wedding photos ~ 20 memorable ideas

Apart from the traditional, what else is there?

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever … it remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything.” – Aaron  Siskind. Your photographer will no doubt supply you with a list of shots which s/he can take on the day of your wedding and ask you to select which photos are “must haves”. These include all the traditional ones like the bride with her parents, the groom with his parents, the bridal party, arriving at the wedding venue, the bouquet, cutting the cake, the first kiss, the first dance etc.

Here are some other ideas which may appeal to you, or you may have more of your own:

  Preparation time e.g. at hair and makeup, the girls in dressing gowns, zipping up the bride’s dress, tying the groom’s tie, a precious moment with your Mum and Dad etc.

  First look (groom turning round as bride arrives).

  Bride & groom joining pinky fingers (one up, one down) to show off their wedding rings.

  Flowergirls or pageboys holding a large empty picture frame capturing a scene of the newlyweds kissing in the background.

  Large picture frame hanging from a tree with newlyweds and guests featured in it wearing fun photo props e.g. moustache, giant glasses, “Mr” and “Mrs” signage, fun wigs etc

  Newlyweds kissing in front of their wedding car with members of the bridal party in various poses coming out of the doors of the car, on top of the car etc.

  Bride and groom standing within a heart shape made up of all their guests standing around them.

  Bride and groom kissing within a heart shape or spiral made from moving sparklers through the air around them.

  Bride and groom kissing with a veil over them both.

  Bride with her foot in one of the groom’s shoes, groom with part of his foot in one of the bride’s shoes.

  Groom with his arms around the bride’s waist, with his hands linked together behind her making a heart shape.

  Impression of the bride and groom’s hands in sand with their rings on the impression of their ring fingers.

  Bride and groom kissing in foreground (bodies not touching) and bridal party gathered together in the background in the space between their bodies.

  With special pets (perhaps with appropriate signage around their neck e.g. “And they lived happily ever after” or “She said ‘yes’.”)

  Bride holding a long mirror sideways above her head which reflects an image of her bridesmaids.

  Bride in the foreground holding her hand out in front of her, with the groom standing some distance away in the background, giving the illusion that she is holding him in the palm of her hand.

  Groom looking down and kissing the bride with her face upturned to him.

  Engagement and wedding rings around the heel of one of the bride’s shoes.

 Image (taken from below) of the bridal party, with their arms raised, holding champagne glasses in a toast.

  Silhouette of the bride and groom facing each other with their arms around each other.


This day will never come again. If you capture the solemn moments, the laughter, the joy and the people who mean so much to you, you will be able to re-live one of the most significant days in your life for years to come.

006 – 01/07/2014

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