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Everything you need to know about micro weddings

It’s all about choices Not everyone wants to have a lavish wedding or even a traditional white wedding. This may be due to personal preference, budget considerations, time constraints or a desire to escape the somewhat daunting task of arranging an event on a large scale. So, here’s a guide to everything you need to know about micro weddings.   Choosing to have a small guest list Anything micro, by definition, is something on a small scale. An elopement is where a couple choose to marry in a private and quite intimate ceremony. A true elopement will only have 3 other people...

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How to make an entrance on your wedding day!

What are your options? How you and your partner decide to make an entrance on your wedding day depends on a number of factors. These include personal preference, the number of guests, whether you have a bridal party or not, and the venue itself. Tradition Traditionally, one half of the partnership stands at the end of the aisle. The other half arrives a little later, to much fanfare, and then walks down towards their partner. Family and friends are usually seated (or standing) in rows on either side of a centre aisle. Other configurations You could also place the seats in either a spiral or...

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How to get those RSVPS in

Having friends and family actually send through their RSVPs can be a mission for couples getting married. Apart from adding a date to the bottom of your invitation, what other creative things could you do to get those RSVPS in?   Create your own free wedding website and include everything in the one place. One such site, called // has beautiful templates, planning tools, and a photo sharing app. You can create save the dates, wedding invitations and RSVPs. Another free wedding website you might like to look at is called // Plus … the great thing about...

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Networking with other wedding suppliers

A successful event requires planning and, often, the contribution of a team of professionals. The following positive outcomes are likely when you consider the:   Benefits of networking with other wedding suppliers   What can be done in an emergency Celebrants are professionals but they, too, have personal lives. If we should become ill at the eleventh hour, if there’s a death in the family, or a flood or fire and we just can’t get through to the ceremony location, we’ll do our best to find someone qualified to step into our shoes. This requires us to transfer the ...

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Translating wedding documents

What’s involved in translating wedding documents? When a party to a marriage produces a document (such as a birth certificate) in a language other than English, the celebrant should ask the couple to seek an official NAATI certified translation of the document.  This applies even if the celebrant can read and write in that language. NAATI is the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. Not all bilingual or multilingual celebrants will be able to authoritatively translate documents. For this reason an independent person, preferably one that is NAATI accredited...

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